Joe Pops Bredow

Joe "Pops" Bredow is a songwriter, vocalist, multi instrument musician, recording artist and producer, from Flint Michigan, in the USA. His musical style (Genre) is a mixture of Funk/Blue Eyed Soul and Old School R&B and Pop Rock. He currently has 4 EPs released (Flintown Mojo, Sass!!, Need For Passion and You Ain't Seen Nothin') and available on iTunes, Amazon and all major retain music download sites around the World. Joe "Pops" has been featured on many internet radio stations, as well many of his songs making it all the way to #1. He is currently working on his newest EP that will be released in 2018.

You can hear songs from Joe “Pops” Bredow on numerous stations like Amazon, Slacker, iTunes, Last.FM, Spotify, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Number One Music, I Heart Radio, Hard Core Mix, Fusion Music Radio, BlogTalkRadio, Bumps Radio, KingFisher-Radio, Belter-Radio, Modern Retro Radio, Lonely Oak Radio, 365 Radio Network, Song Dew, Big Time Radio, KCEG Radio, Rockers Underground, Midwest Broadcasting, Unsigned HQ, Iron Waves Radio, KB Radio, Mixposure, Indie Sound Music, Beyond Dawn Radio, XRP Radio, Glitch Records, Zone Radio, Highway Rock Radio, Xtreme 365 Radio, Rock Invasion Radio, World Music Stage, Push Radio, Indie Music People, Muse Boat Radio, Jamendo Music and MANY MORE!!!!

Featured Artist of March 23 2019
with the song: Still 1969
Joe Pops Bredow is a songwriter, singer, musicain, recording artist and producer from Flint Michiganin the USA.
'What Tha!!?' (2019) is his 5th Ep to date. All are available on iTunes, Amazon and all other retail download sites on the web.
To learn more just Google Joe Pops Bredow

Featured Artist of September 9, 2018
You Ain't Seen Nothin" is Joe "Pops" Bredow's 4th EP. With this Ep Joe "Pops" shows off his Funky Rock style along with some Classic Funk and Blue Eyed Soul.

1 Designated Brother (03:46)
2 Get Movin' On (03:52)
3 Have To Warn You Now (03:50)
4 You Ain't Seen Nothin' (04:00)
5 Shut Up And Drive (03:40)
6 Yeah Yeah, Hey Hey (03:52)

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