Joe Viglione

Featured Artist of June 11, 2024
with the song: "Lots of You in My Life"

Artist's Biography

Joe Viglione’s recordings stretch back 53 years to when WBCN first aired “Salt Water Summers” in 1971, 1972. In 1976 he released that song on an EP and was signed to Flamingo/Carrere in 1978, a label with Phyllis Nelson and Heavy Metal band Saxon.  

In 1980 Flamingo became New Rose/RCA and New Rose/Musidisc.  Joe signed Willie “Loco” Alexander and Johnny Thunders of the NY Dolls, produced by Jimmy Miller.  Viglione became Miller’s manager and they worked with Buddy Guy, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Nils Lofgren of Springsteen’s band and many others.  Miller produced Joe’s classic The Intuition Element album.  

Miller introduced Viglione to Keith Richards, who introduced Joe to Eric Clapton/Rolling Stones producer Rob Fraboni in 1988.  Fraboni and Viglione have worked together since then.  With 118 songs on ASCAP and 333 tracks on Spotify, Playboy Magazine calling Joe one of Boston’s Five Best Bands, Creem magazine posting Viglione early on before other Boston acts, and Best Record of the Month in Phonograph Magazine (California) and L'Attendant (Belgium)the music keeps on flowing.  

Viglione performs weekly piano concerts on Fridays and writes many, many songs in the middle of the night in the piano room, three doors down from his apartment.  The prestigious Rock and Folk Magazine in Paris, France called Joe one of the "Crazy Geniuses of Rock and Roll" along with Phil Spector, Frank Zappa and others.

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