Jon Magnusson

Full Album show of May 18, 2019
Album: This Is All It Takes EP

Jon Magnusson releases a groundbreaking EP in a unique online experience. --  Stockholm, Sweden, 30 April 2019
After releasing three EP’s within the realms of indie rock and folk, Jon Magnusson is breaking new grounds with his fourth EP “This Is All It Takes”. With five instrumental tracks ranging from psychedelic and progressive rock to classic jazz and even a solo piano composition, Jon proves his urge to always try new things and his musical versatility.
And it isn’t only the music itself that’s groundbreaking but also the way of releasing it. Instead of going through a label and putting it on Spotify, iTunes or other streaming platforms, Jon has created a whole online experience. In direct connection with Jon himself, the listener will get sent all songs for free together with exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes material.
This way of releasing music through an interactive journey, where the direct connection between the artist and the listener is in focus, will hopefully serve as an example for artist of all kinds.
People can sign up to get the EP for free via Jon’s website and the first song will be released 20th of May with the others being released the following four days.
For more information, interviews or any other inquiries please get in touch directly with Jon Magnusson directly via e-mail, Messenger or via phone +46703018941.
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