Kelsie Kimberlin

Featured Artist of January 17, 2024
with the song: We Are The Promise

Artist's Biography

Kelsie Kimberlin from USA/Ukraine has stepped into the music world with accelerating success, and she has just released a new single ‘What We Had.’ Kelsie is set to take over screens and speakers around the globe with gripping sincerity on display from sight to sound. Her previous releases, ‘Lobotomy,’ ‘American Guns,’ ‘Dancing Hearts,’ ‘Hazy Day,’ 'Bring Together,' 'Masterpiece,' 'Dusty Road,’ 'Right Place Wrong Time,’ ‘’Reflection’, and ‘It’s Not The Time’ have already received not only critical acclaim but millions of views on YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

On her latest single/video for ‘What We Had,’ she’s written a remarkably empowering tale that serves as a bold reminder to one and all that YOU deserve to be happy, to be loved, and to experience the joys of life in every way YOU can. ‘What We Had’ is about the understanding of self-worth, and the recognition that nothing should ever hold YOU back when it comes to relationships of any kind. It’s about not ever selling yourself short. It’s about knowing that YOU are stronger than you think and built to survive through any emotional turmoil. It’s about knowing that when life tries to break us into pieces, that’s the exact moment it makes us even stronger.

Kelsie shares: “What We Had” is all about moving on when a relationship does not bring you the joy and satisfaction you deserve. However, the song can be interpreted to relate to any type of relationship that has gone bad. Why stay in a rut when life is short and emotional bandwidth is limited? In the video, I painted my nails in the colors of Ukraine to show my strong love and support for my brave and courageous country, which is also moving on from a toxic relationship.”

Featured Artist of May 1, 2021
with the song: Hazy Day

Artist's Biography

Kelsie Kimberlin, who has stepped into the music world with an accelerating success, has recently released her new single ‘Hazy Day’. Kelsie shares about her new song: “My world, like everyone's lately, is a bit crazy yet I find solace in my relationships with family and close friends. Hazy Day is about the comfort and love I find with someone very special.
When I am having a rough day or having trouble coping, that special person calms me down and lets me know that everything is going to be ok.
"Soma medicated" comes from Aldous Huxley's famous novel, "Brave New World," where people are given "soma" to keep them happy and satisfied no matter what.” ‘Hazy Day’ is Kelsie’s fourth release since June 2020, and her previous releases, ‘Lobotomy,’ ‘American Guns’ and ‘Dancing Hearts’ have received critical acclaim and millions of views on YouTube.

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