Marvin Etzioni

Featured Artist of Oct 11, 2020
With the Song:God Bless The Homeless

Artist's Biography
"This is not an Americana record. This is an American record."

Marvin Etzioni is launching his first record label, Regional Records, with a new solo album, “What’s The Mood in the Country Now?” on October 23rd. When asked about the album, Etzioni said, “This is not an Americana record. This is an American record. My roots run river deep, mountain high, from Sly and the Family Stone to Marvin Gaye to Stevie Wonder to Kendrick Lamar to John Lennon to Marty Robbins. This is a political record filled with optimism. From the opening chant on the album, "Every breathing soul needs to live in peace” to the closing song "We belong in America."

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