Mat Walklate

My name is Mat Walklate. I'm a professional musician and music teacher and this website will provide details of the many bands and musical ventures with which I am involved.
My main instrument is the harmonica. I play diatonic, chromatic and tremolo in all styles of music, but predominantly Blues and Irish traditional music.
I sing and play harp in a blues duo with Sicilian guitarist Paolo Fuschi and I play harp with Tom Attah & The Bad Man Clan In Irish traditional / Bluegrass band The House Devils I sing and play harmonica, flute & uilleann pipes
I play harmonica and flute in the band Rosenblume. I teach harmonica privately, including via Skype and I have recently filmed two harmonica courses, available online Here

Full Album show
of May the 4, 2018

Album Sea Of Blues (2018)

1. Could Have Been
2. Playing With Myself Boogie
3. The Sun Never Shines
4. So Deep In Trouble
5. Exactly What You Need
6. Swimming Pool
7. Modest Man
8. Rivers Of Jordan
9. Out Of The Sun
10. Answer Your Phone
11. Dubbed And Burning