Men Who Listen

Full Album show of February 19, 2021
Album: Men Who Listen 2

Artist's Biography

MEN WHO LISTEN was formed in 2008 by Dan Pokorni, teaming up with various top-tier musicians from the Chicagoland area. Men Who Listen is a male vocal, guitar-driven rock sound with overtones of punk, prog and pop. Working with producers Gary Loizzo (Styx), Rick Barnes (Rax Trax) and Stuart Epps (Elton John), they have released two CDs and four singles and have received airplay on over 140 terrestrial and Internet radio stations around the world.

About the Album

MEN WHO LISTEN 2 featured a new singer Jeff Anthony and bassist John Falstrom. Recording began with “Cast Our Love Away.” This was followed by the rock ballad “Change in the Blink of an Eye” (featuring Emmy-award winner Greg Potter on drums.) Fueled by Jeff’s vocals, the band sound began to evolve to a more modern, but still melodic hard rock style that was evident in the angry, up-tempo “Bad Days” and continued in the keyboard-drenched “As Far As We Can Go” which was recorded in October of 2011. The 4-song rock EP, MEN WHO LISTEN 2 was released two months later on December 1st, 2011

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