Mia Wakefield

Full Album show of July 27, 2019
Album: HOME

23 year old Singer/ Songwriter from Liverpool, UK.
Instagram- miiawakefield
HOME is available on Spotify & iTunes!!
"Usually accompanied by just her guitar or keyboard, Mia Wakefield plays an acoustic style of music that draws in an audience and allows you to sink into a relaxed state of mind and let the world pass by.
Mia stands out from the crowd with her meaningful original songs, bravely baring her voice to an audience supported only by the beautiful riffs of her guitar."
April, 15, 2016.

'Her sound is acoustic guitar and voice dominated and she has an appealingly tough edge to her vocal delivery which emphasises its earthy organic character.'

'She has a great voice and can seriously pen a killer tune or twenty. Check her out.'

by Neil March (Edition 25, 30th April 2019)


Check it outtt Va

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