Mirror Point

Featured Artist of September 11, 2019
with the song: PhenoBarbieDoll

Mirror Point is a Rock ‘n Roll duo based in Sanford, North Carolina consisting of Marc Killian and Travis Jones. They were both raised on Rock ‘n Roll, but have blended Blues, Soul, RnB, Country, and Pop music into a flow of rhythmic songs from the vantage point of lives lived by musicians who just want to chase their dreams, regardless of their age. Having become friends within the local music scene, Marc and Travis were immediately drawn to each other creatively through various projects and sought to join forces and pursue music of their own.
The band was formed to chase the passion’s they had when they were in their teens and twenties to write, compose, record, and perform their own material. A Mirror Point is a transformation where a point appears at an equal distance on either side of a given line – the line of reflection.

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