No Time For Fame

Full Album show of February 18, 2021
Album: No Time For Fame

Artist's Biography

With their feet soundly rooted in classic American rock, the Minnesota-based band No Time For Fame dishes out guitar-driven tunes with smart, contemporary lyrics laced with playful riffs and rhythmic interludes. The band was formed in 2016 by Chris Ash (vocals), Mark Hovey (guitar) and Dan Mills (drums) from the ashes of their previous project, the similarlyminded Toaster Fork!, with the addition of Jason Pimlott (bass) and Mike Meehan (guitar). Songwriting duties are shared between Chris, Jason and Mike, but their songs share a contemplative perspective on modern life propelled by the forward motion of their irrepressible optimism and energetic guitar lines.

From the tight rocker ("Run Run Rissa"), with its layered backing vocals punctuated by a punchy guitar riff, to the jaunty but life-questioning ("Heavy"), annotated by long searing guitar solos reminiscent of Comfortably Numb, their 2020 EP shows off the band's eclectic range. Live sets feature their original uptempo rock numbers with the occasional cover, just to remind you where they came from.

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About the Album

No Time For Fame's debut EP, recorded and released in 2020. Indie alternative rock. Available on Spotify and most streaming services: Spotify

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