Nomad Dooley

Full Album show of June 2, 2020
Album: Trying To Survive

Artist's Biography
Alternative singer/songwriter Nomad Dooley's main inuences are wide ranging from folk/rock genre political bands such as The Levellers and New Model Army, through the genius of Billy Bragg, Tracy Chapman and Bob Dylan to country legends such as Hank Williams and Kris Kristoerson.
Writing an eclectic mix of simple, stirring songs and playing them to anyone who cares to listen,
dance or sing along to the dynamic folk and country style rhythms; Nomad Dooley will be travelling your way soon – trying to make the world a better place, one song at a time!

About the Album:
With Singer/songwriter Nomad Dooley on acoustic guitar and vocals
Hazel Flannigan on violin
Lady D on bodhran and backing vocals
David Smaylen on cajon
Anthony Cope on acoustic guitar
Trish Bow on backing vocals
The band members have been friends for many years playing in different bands around the Midlands and UK
The band's main influences are wide ranging from folk/rock genre political bands such as The Levellers and New Model Army to country legends such as Hank Williams and Kris Kristofferson.
The album was recorded at Tower Studios, Pershore, UK and all tracks were recorded as live.
Trying To Survive is an album that will strike the listener as an eclectic mix of simple stirring songs with dynamic folk and country rhythms. All songs written by Nomad Dooley Track One: Billy A real life story about a normal hard working bloke who refused to let the bastards grind him down.
Track Two: Money Alone Inspired by an old Native American proverb; we really do need to look after this planet!
Track Three: If Life Was Enough excuses – as the wonderful Mr. Jonathan Fear says “Get up, get out, live!”
Track Four: Trying To Survive Late summer 2019, listening to a BBC interview with some hateful, privileged, so called expert; they annoyed me enough to write the lyrics to this lively little tune.
Track Five: Until the Last Ride The true love story of Evie and Tom in war-torn 1940’s England.
Track Six: Freedom Fighter A little tribute to Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara Track Seven: A Cornish Memory A time spent at the beautiful Bude & Stratton Folk Festival in 2015; lots of impromptu jamming, a tad too much drinking and a wonderful hour spent listening to the brilliant Jackie Oates and Tristan Seume.
Track Eight: Reality A simple song about a strange and wonderful time spent in a very special, spiritual place.
Track Nine: Stars in Your Life We all have dreams and we all must chase them!
Track Ten: Peace A song about a man who after searching for peace his whole life, finds it where it had always been.

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