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Outlanders is a Milwaukee based hard rock band formed by Cody Dziuk and Zach Mayo in 2017. Musicians since high school, and friends for much longer, these two finally brought their musical talents together in their late twenties. Outlanders’ heart and soul is cemented in its rock/metalroots, but the songs also incorporate a wide variety of styles and influences.

Cody drives the band using a fierce fingerstyle bass attack with entrancing vocal melodies.

Zach provides haunting guitar solos as well as groovy, but heavy, rhythm tracks.
Drums and percussion are written by the duo and performed by studio drummers.

Featured Artist of: July 1, 2022
with the Album: Ritual Observance

Outlanders first full length album. 10 tracks of hard rock bangers!

'Ritual Observance' is here! We worked harder than ever on this album, and we are very proud to present it to you all. Eric House destroyed the drums as usual. His playing speaks for itself. As always recorded at Cherry Pit Studios with Eric LaBrosse.
Give the album a spin while you go about your day! There should be at least one riff that gets your attention.
If you like it make sure to share it so everyone else can hear it too! We are extremely grateful for all the support and hope you enjoy our new music. Streaming links in comments.

Featured Artist of: January 4, 2022
with the Album: Charmer

About the Album

A short but sweet album that will mesmerize your musical senses. Four original songs showcase Outlanders' new and unique sound, while the classic rock cover hits close to home.

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