Pasha Black

Full Album show of October 2, 2019
Album: The Lookalike's Dream

‘Wabi-Sabi’ is a traditional Japanese way of describing an aesthetic perception of the world’s beauty through its imperfection, finding sophistication in simplicity. A renown musician once pointed out that this understanding was perfectly represented by his shabby old guitar, which he still played during the creation of most of his band’s songs. The technological developments of the XXI century, along with the proliferation of the internet and digital media, have changed the face of musical practices and forms once held to be the norm. Under these shifting circumstances, Pasha Black of Kiev, Ukraine, devotedly carries out the role of today's musician, showing both excellent songwriting and production skills, while striving to maintain an exceptional purity of sound and the clarity of his music's message. A musical patchwork of pensive joy and thoughtful sadness, impressive mature melodies, and deep lyrics accompanied by richly textured instrumentation, help him to tell his picturesque story. Pasha’s commitment to every small detail of his music enables him to take his listener's minds to faraway places, allowing their spirits to soar.
Album's Title The Lookalike's Dream Album's Genre Indie/Alternative About the Album Pasha Black's brand new album "The Lookalike's Dream" will definitely become a real pleasure for the true music lovers, enjoy!

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