Full Album show of April 25, 2020

This is the era of the Neo-propagandist. Mainstream media, radio and TV are owned by plutocrats and used to feed us their biased perspectives. Our beliefs are shaped by the "always on" feed from addictive social media which bombards us with troll-factory, ethic-shaping soundbites. George Orwell's 1984 can now be considered prophetic, "thoughtcrime" is real in this age of political correctness and the inescapable gaze of Big Brother is no longer a metaphor, because he IS watching and listening.... Trashy, noisy & irreverent, Dundalk trio Podracer raises a middle finger to genre-tagging social media whose sole function is to trivialise and homogenise all music into something ad-execs can sell.
As we gaze down the road to dystopia, it could be argued that the last bastion of free thought and speech might reside in music. In the spirit of that 1980s post-punk rejection of what we're told is socially acceptable perhaps credibility is more likely to be found on a small stage in a small venue where nothing is edited and you can decide yourself if you like what they're saying…
Loaded with a catalogue of fast and furious tunes, Podracer have been doing just that.. relentlessly gigging, all around Ireland and the UK with their arresting and riotous blend of rock, punk, post-punk and metal.
Independent radio shows around the world play songs from their albums ‘Parking Cars & Pumping Gas’ (2012) and ‘Maskenfreiheit’ (2019) every day of the year and they have loyal fans all around the globe.
“Mix the politic-bashing lyrics of Rage Against The Machine with the aggression intensity of Anthrax and you might come close to Podracer’s sound.” (www.fortitudemagazine.co.uk) "tightly-woven, brilliantly antagonistic alt-rock " - BBC N. Ireland - Across The Line.

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