Richard Alex

Featured Artist of June 29, 2020
with the song: I Hate That I Love You

Artist's Bio
Richard Alex is a Swedish Singer & Songwriter / Producer.
With a 21st century sound he has the ability to mix the depths of the past with the simplicity of the present. At the age of 10 he negotiated for his first guitar in exchange for a broken laptop. He started his first band in 5th grade and so the journey began!
With two parents working in elder care it’s still a mystery where the music passion comes from but with his great affection and stubbornness he’s standing here today completely self-taught as an independent artist and a platinum certified songwriter!
In 2016 Richard released his first single "Out of the Dark" as a solo artist.
The same year he released the incredibly strong and emotional song "Mother" a song he wrote in his deepest sadness when his mother tragically fell into a coma.
He dedicated the song on Facebook and what he did not know was that this song would be the turn of his music career.
In all sadness Richard received incredible tributes and support that led to thousands of views and tons of requests for new music!
2020 Richard Alex dropped the comeback song ”Fall out of love” which was recently followed up by a 2nd single called ”Hate that i love you”

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