Right On Yukon

Full Album show of December 3, 2019
Album: Ambassadors

Started in Halifax, NS in the late aughts by three Cape Bretoners and a Newfoundlander we've had the joy and privilege to work and play with some of the best talent in Canada and the world! You might have seen us at shows in Europe and Canada or heard us on your local underground radio station in the US. Whether it's electric or unplugged we're sure to delight, catch us the next time we're playing near you and don't forget to like, follow, subscribe and download our tracks!

Right On Yukon are: Greg Wadden, Jason Szeto, Patrick Shea, Grant Mitchell, Miroslava Kavgic, Paul Nickerson, Neal Read
Featuring: Cameron Lawrence, Chance Gillis, David Bradshaw, Sylvie Dumont, Mo Kenney, Nic Orengo, Tom MacGillivray, Luke MacGillivray, Adam White, Dave Connors, Joey Melanson, Calen Kinneya.
About the Album: We suggest the following tracks: Haunted, Homesteaders, The Ballad of the Tar Pond Twins, Woman.

Artist Name length
Right On Yukon Homesteaders 05:17
Right On Yukon Trade 03:38
Right On Yukon Billy Club 02:36
Right On Yukon The Ballad Of The Tar Pond Twins 04:03
Right On Yukon Haunted 04:45
Right On Yukon Woman 04:40
Right On Yukon Cadillac 05:16
Right On Yukon Sideways 04:07
Right On Yukon Joseph 04:54
Right On Yukon Troubadour 05:41
Right On Yukon C'est Tres Cliche 02:31
Right On Yukon Gold Dust 02:28

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