Rob Benson
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Featured Artist of Februay 12, 2024
with the song: Blame It On The Scarecrow

Artist's Biography

There is lots of music on the horizon, much to look forward to. Check out Rob''s albums "The Story Never Ends" and "Under The Whispering Tree", both produced by Peter Calo. Come back for the latest updates on gigs, radio interviews, and television spots, and the latest on Rob's band Whiskey Crossing.

Performing all your favorites
With many years of performing, I have a huge catalog of cover songs that I perform at all my shows, from Elvis, to the Beatles, CSN&Y, Clapton, James Taylor, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban and many more!

Over 500 original songs
I began writing songs in my early 20s, and have written/cowritten over 500 since. Check out some of my songs on ITunes, Spotify and other distribution sights.

Long history of music
I began performing at an early age. As an adult I have performed all over Connecticut, New York, Long Island, NYC and also in Nashville. Many bands, lots of solo acts

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