Roger Gomez 

Full Album show of November 20, 2021
Album:  happy modern people

Artist's Bio

I'm a singer /songwriter living in Perth, Western Australia
I did live in Melbourne, Australia for 7.5 years and got into bands playing and recording original songs.
I moved back to Perth where I recorded my first E.P, whilst still playing live regularly. I went back into the studio in to record a follow up Satellite Sessions which was released on iTunes; I then secured a publishing contract for one of those songs in the U.S,
I went to Los Angeles in 2011to compete in the World Championship of Performing Arts; I received 3 bronze medals for my original songs.
My style is commercial rock/pop. Some of my favourite artists include The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Prince.
I have completed my first full-length album called BEHIND CLOUD NINE featuring the single “Mondays Guide”


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