Rollers Of Bedlam

Full Album show of April 14, 2020
Album: Bedlam City EP

ROLLERS OF BEDLAM is a London based band, inspired from a wide range of rock music (classic rock, post rock, punk, post punk, psychedelic) and other music genres as blues, reggae, hip-hop and funk.
Creating a fresh and unique sound which is hard to assort, with lyrics that capture social interactions of daily life and relations, Rollers, with their straight to your face attitude, can only be described as original rock music of the present age.
The band started summer of 2017. The idea got life when singer Joey Bedlam and guitarist Luke Byron met drummer Luke Rendel(ex-Theatre Of Hate, ex-Crisis) and they started to compose some songs. Few months later bassist Dimi Duke(ex-Witchcurse) joined and they started rehearsing.
They released "Bedlamic Estate" EP in August 2018. A video for the song "The Brook" came out at the same time. "It's Rock 'Ν' Roll" and "Living Poor With Kings" single/videos came out the next year, 2019.
Tel: +44 7450 636 636
-MUSIC INFLUENCESThe Clash, Sex Pistols, The Libertines, Ian Dury,
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smiths, Link Wray,
Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rolling Stones, The Doors,
The Stooges, James Brown, Motorhead
Meanwhile, they played a lot of gigs and festivals all over UK.Their unreal energetic -D IS C O C R A P H Y " and shocking performances, helped them to achieve a strong fanbase and following.
Danial Georgiev, a Bulgarian promoter living in London, saw them live and Rollers made their first step in abroad, touring Bulgaria in October 2019. " ^ S ROCK N ROLL-SINGLE/VIDEO 2019 -LIVING POOR WITH KINGS- SINGLE/VIDEO 2019
The world famous producer Gordon Raphael, discovered the band and they entered -BEDLAM CITY- EP 2020
Urchin Studios in January 2020. They worked together and recorded their second EP, "Bedlam City". Both sides, are excited with this project and they hope it will help the band to reach even bigger audiences and grow in the music industry.

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