Featured Artist of May 28, 2019
with the song: It's Just Me

I discovered my passion for music in my early teens. Raised in two parts of the world, Florida and Sao Paulo, Brazil I was surrounded by many different musical influences. I love music from the 90's era the most. I have released 4 albums to date, played over 100 shows and live for music.
I believe an artists lyrics should be a reflection of his/her soul. I want my words to connect with fans on a personal and emotional level, which is why I try writing songs with complete vulnerability and honesty. Being a singer and performing musician is all I know.
I am the singer/songwriter and proud Frontman of International Rock Band Blue Helix. I wanted to express a more raw and pure side of my creativity which is why I am writing songs in a completely different Genre then what I do in Blue Helix.

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