Sandra Macat Band

Full Album show of November 9, 2019
Album: Miles Away

Sandra Macat’s influences are as varied as the locations she has called home during her lifetime.
From the earliest memories of her grandfather’s Austrian folk songs to the Delta Blues influences  heard in her father’s home in Mississippi to the pop music of California radio in the 70s and 80s, Sandra’s voice tells the story of someone who has loved, lost, and learned enough to know how to share those things in song.
Sandra has been singing about her experiences her whole life. Most recently, The Sandra Macat Band reveals the intimate understandings that come from the self-sacrifice of raising children, the gains and losses of love, and the hope that survives through it all.
The band is Sandra Macat, Doug Reichert, Andy Batwinas, Bobby Cox, Jeff Higa and Aaron Gutierrez.
Genre Americana, Alt-Country, Rock 'n Roll
About the Album: Our debut album, released in December, 2018. Americana, Alt-Country, Rock 'n Roll

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