Full Album show of January 21, 2021
Album: 20/20

Artist's Biography

Album Oriented Progressive Rock
Start was formed in early 1984 by Ran Ballard, Mike Tapogna and Dean McLeod, Progressive "hook-oriented" rock.

Ran Ballard: Synthesizers,Sampling, Vocals
Mike Tapogna: Drums, Rhythm Programming
Dean McLeod: Bass, Chapman Stick

Released their self produced/distributed EP through their own label GO NOW records. Doing their own promotion they were able get on over a 150 college radio stations reporting medium to heavy airplay -- 8000 units sold independently. Record was available in major L.A stores and several major "one-stops" across the country. Finely crafted live show utilizing high-tech gear, High-energy driving sound. Due to unforeseen complications with some major labels they disbanded in 1986. Ran went on as a studio/tour programmer/engineer for Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Elton John, George Harrison and many more. Start has now reformed in 2019 to re-release their original album with 2 new additional tracks re-titled "33 1/3 Too Soon", and have recorded a new album that has just been released 01/03/21 "20/20"

About the Album
From the beginning bass line to the last synthesizer sustain, these eight new songs from Start have a hypnotic energy that will keep any fan of progressive rock listening over, and over again. Taking up where they left off in 1985, the high-tech power trio of Ran Ballard Keyboards/Vocals, Dean McLeod Chapman Stick/Bass, and Mike Tapogna Drums/Percussion interweave complex rhythms and Bass with aggressive keyboards. Everything is complete with Ran Ballard’s vocals. START, progressive, melodic, and addictive.

The album has been released 01/03/2021 on all major platforms and streaming services

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