Steve Balsamo

Featured Artist of May 5, 2019
with the song: Ships

Born and raised in Swansea, UK, I started out singing in rock bands as a teenager before I came to the public's attention in the mid '90s by way of a beard, long hair and a loincloth (look here).
Signing to Columbia Records soon after the messiah complex wore off, I was molded into a poppy/rocky/folky/country-ish artist - nothing like covering all the bases - and made an album, All I Am. Despite the musical schizophrenia, I had a ton of fun travelling the world and writing lots of songs, and I even got to play live on Top Of The Pops (look here).
Along with 3 mates I formed a country rock band, The Storys, made 3 albums and toured the globe with the great and the good. You can check us out here.
I am part of an ongoing prog/electronica project with Rob Reed of Magenta called chimpanA. The first album upset Q Magazine so much that they declared it was 'drowning in a sea of pretentiousness'. They'll be over the moon that our second album is nearly finished.
More recently I made an Americana/Country album with Rosalie Deighton, and you can find it here.
In between these adventures, I got to write songs for lots of artists including Meatloaf (look here), Slash (look here), and Cliff (look here) worked with heroes Jon Lord of Deep Purple (look here), Eric Woolfson of The Alan Parsons Project (look here), and even gave a singing lesson to Robert Plant (hear that and many other name-drop stories in this lovely interview).
I'm currently recording a collection of old, new, borrowed and blue songs for a series of 4 EPs. They've got a kind of Americana vibe, I guess because it's all I'm really listening to these days, and I think they are sounding really sweet.
Words feature very heavily in this genre, and I'm really enjoying wrestling lyrics to the mat, and trying to really get inside the songs, digging deep to soul mine my truth right now.
I'm probably the happiest musically I've ever been!
I'm married with two beautiful kids, and when I'm not making music I spend time with them, paint, swim, read, read tarot, watch (and sometimes train in) MMA, walk in the woods, practise magick and indulge my slight obsession with soft furnishings..

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