Steven Faulkner

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Album: Love. Fury. Remorse. Vengeance.

Artist's Biography
Steven Faulkner is an independent artist, vocalist & musician from Hinckley near Leicester in the UK. His songs are all self written, performed and produced, and deal with social issues such as the climate crisis and internet trolls, as well as addressing more personal subjects which are relatable to by many a listener. Steven is releasing new music regularly with 2 EPS “Armour Plated Soul” & “Bare Bones - Acoustic” since summer 2020 as well as 2 singles, with another EP “Love. Fury. Remorse. Vengeance” available for pre-order from 9th November, released on 16th November.
“Love. Fury. Remorse. Vengeance” is written and recorded by Steven Faulkner, produced by Jupiter’s Basement.
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About the Album:
Scheduled for release on November 16th 2020, "Love. Fury. Remorse. Vengeance." is a collection of brutally honest songs based around the themes in the title. Varying stylistically between Rock, Indie, Punk & Electronic, L.F.R.V. Takes the listener on a journey which hits emotionally musically and lyrically. The lead single from the EP is "The Man You Deserve"

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