Sunshine Riot

Featured Artist of June 23, 2022
with the            : Just Say So

Artist's Biography

Sunshine Riot are a rock and roll band from Boston, Massachusetts.

Some nice words from the past:
Sunshine Riot also sets themelves apart from the indie pack by hitting the road as often as possible. Their DIY work ethic extends beyond the studio to their super-aggressive approach to self-booking these shows, which are up and down the I-95 corridor on the East Coast, through the Mid-West and down to the South East. The band often books shows with popular local artists, and has built their growing fan base throughout the country.

With a sound that has been aptly described as “Johnny Cash meets Kurt Cobain”, Sunshine Riot’s exciting aesthetic of loud rock and heartfelt songwriting about finding optimism and digging out of life’s most hellish circumstances has been lauded everywhere from their home region to just about every spot on their traveling itinerary. Feedback Fury in Michigan said, “This band has it all.” The Observer in Nashville called them “one of the most remarkable live acts Boston has seen in a long, long time.” The Daily Dose in Providence made reference to their “great, genre-defying songwriting,” while The Noise from NYC, where Sunshine Riot plays frequently, sounded a bit envious when it said, “New York should adopt Sunshine Riot…these guys are about to explode.”

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