Symphony of Pain

Featured Artist of June 13, 2019
with the song: Futile

Symphony of pain create a unique eclectic blend of melodic rock, with dark overtones fused with classical instrumentation.

What the press says about Virology:

Chris O'Connor / Fireworks mag: 'This is simply sublime and possibly the best album of 2018!' (full review below)

Mark Yandle at Nusakan Radio: 'Your new CD is incredible nearly beyond words'

James R Turner / The Progressive Aspect: '...the sense of enjoyment flows through the album, the band are confident and powerful throughout.... Symphony of Pain have created an intelligent, entertaining and all-round brilliant successor to their debut'

Paul Baker at ARfm Radio: '...I've got goose bumps... bloody marvelous... Hydeology was fantastic but with Virology, you've taken yet another step forward.... fan bloody tastic... Hooked... Pam's violin... beautiful, haunting yet powerful... superb...'

Glenn Butler / Independent (ex Powerplay): ‘The album is overflowing with a dark and beautiful aura, majestic lyrics and hypnotic musicianship. With each song being perfectly balanced between vocal and music aspects and the blurring of classical elements alongside traditional guitar, bass and drums works a treat. ...this album showcases a fully-fledged band that have produced a remarkable piece of work. Virology is a modern classic from start to end.’

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