The Gypsy Moths

Featured Artist of Aug 5, 2020
with the song: The Continuing Story Of Arthur Duffy

Artist's Biography:
Please find attached for airplay consideration “The Continuing Story Of Arthur Duffy” from The Gypsy Moths new EP Wollaston Theatre.
The song is the musical true tale memoir of an enigmatic, inscrutable jewel thief from South Boston who ran rampant (and often underground) in the streets, taverns, and back alleys along the Eastern Seaboard until meeting an untimely end under mysterious circumstances in 1944. Amazingly, he's also the great Uncle of our lead vocalist! The song also features the dynamically righteous Jen D'Angora (The Dents/Downbeat 5/Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents) on guest vocals...Bonnie and Clyde meets Delaney & Bonnie.
The band is pretty excited to have some early traction with the EP on the Sirius XM/Underground Garage channel (multiple spins on both Rodney Bingenheimer and Genya Ravan’s programs), airplay on the legendary "Bay State Rock" and WMFO/"On The Town" Boston radio programs , as well as recently being added to rotation on several streaming Indie Rock stations across the U.K. We hope you dig it as well!
The Gypsy Moths are a raucous, rollicking, six piece garage soul act based out of Boston, formed in 2014 on a mission to keep the hips shakin' and knees quaking 'til the house lights come on...a garage rock and soul dancing and drinking soundtrack. Our debut LP "Alright!" was released in 2018 on vinyl/CD/streaming, and the new EP is currently streaming with plans for a late summer vinyl release.
The Gypsy Moths
Steve O'Brien: Lead Vocals
Chris Conway: Guitar
Phil Thompson: Bass
Mark Donahue: Keyboards
Matt Miceli: Drums
Scott Miller: Saxophones

Band site:
 Wollaston Theatre EP:


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