The Clue Infusion

Featured Artist of March 1, 2021
with the songs: Gold, Master of Chains

Artist's Biography

The Clue Infusion started to be rock active in 2019, when Danijela Jovic and Melani Cholie, who are pretty successful with their virtual soft pop and Ballad Band „Shifter Sisters“, discovered, that they are both a huge fan of unique alternative rock and prog-rock music. Danijela, who grew up in Serbia, is influenced by classical music, and she produced already in the past time some heavy rock, mixed with classical instruments such as cello and flute, and when she introduced this kind of instrumentals to Melani, who has long experience in performing this music live, The Clue Infusion was born. Since that time the two energy ladies write heavy music and feedback is, that it is extremely infective and exciting. First CD was named „Impossible Tusk“, and is available on all known music platforms. For the moment The CLue Infusion is working on their 2nd CD and we can promise, it’s a real FUSION infusion. Get them known and start to know them, music is just breathtaking. Find “The Clue Infusion”

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