The Incurables

Featured Artist of March 11, 2019 Song: Eloise

Founded in Westland, MI by lifelong friends that met in kindergarten, Ray Lawson (Bass guitar and vocals) and Pat Kelly (Lead guitar and vocals), the band found its heart and soul when they were joined in the mid-eighties by cousin Darrin Lawson (drums and vocals) and Dennis Pepperack (guitar and vocals).
Truly a band of brothers in every sense, they continue to rock with their original members decades later.
Growing up listening to bad AM radio, The Incurables managed to find influences from the groups of the sixties British Invasion and psychedelic scene as well as the seventies and eighties sounds coming from New York's CBGB.
Watching them onstage you can't help but enjoy yourself knowing that they are not just there to perform or do a job but honestly having fun and loving the music.
Their energy is infectious and clearly incurable.

The Featrured Artist of December 24, 2018, Song: Christmas Comes Tonight