The lasTrumpeT

Featured Artist of November 1, 2019
with the song: Let the Wind Blow

The lasTrumpeT was formed, August 2017 in the small town of Mooresville, NC by Chris and Tiffany Shelton. The band is a Christian Rock/Metal band that delivers the message and importance of salvation through Christ in their music The lasTrumpet has influences that blend together southern rock, hard rock, & metal. With influences like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fireball Ministry, Black Sabbath, The Sword, and Christian rock like Bride, Disciple, Stryper, Skillet and others, The lasTrumpet explodes with a fresh and new take on this genre. The lasTrumpet has played at festivals, churches, and other venues and their goal is still the same- show the love of Christ! Follow them on FaceBook, Twitter, & Instagram to learn more about their ministry.


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