The Moondogz

Full Album show of Oct 30 2020
Album: What's Done is Done

Artist's Biography
The Moondogz are a Cheshire based indie rock band. The line-up consists of Ant Machin (rhythm guitar and vocals), Gaz Morgan (lead guitar and backing vocals), Andy Shallcross (Bass) and Aaron Walker (drums). The band has existed in one form or another for several years, formed by Ant. The Moondogz released an EP last year called 'Resurgence', and have now followed it up with a debut album 'What's Done is Done'. The band has begun work on their next album, but work on this has slowed down since the new COVID restrictions have hit the UK; the band are currently not legally allowed to be in the same room!
As with any band, the influences are wide and varied. The most obvious that get mentioned are Nirvana, Bowie, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Foo fighters, Blur, The Wildhearts, Guns n' Roses, The Misfits, Muse and Queen. These are just the influences we are aware of; we stand on the shoulders of giants!

About the Album:
Album theme: The album title came from the desire of the current line-up to move away from the early folky blues sound of the band to a more rock sound, and also that a lot of the lyrics are a reflection on Ant's past experiences; things that can't be changed; hence 'What's Done is Done'. Album release: 'What's Done is Done' was released on Bandcamp and CD on 23rd September 2020.

Featured Artist of Sep 5, 2020
with the song: Stag

Artist's Biography

New album due September 2020. The Moondogz (formerly known as Irwell) are an Indie Rock Blues Band. The band was formed in Middlewich, Cheshire in 2011 by musical stalwart, Ant Machin and has changed dramatically since its earlier incarnation.

In 2019, the new line up decided it was time to take the band in a new direction. Although the band has changed in many ways over the years, you can still expect the same exciting Rock n Roll you've come to love and enjoy from the band.

From the more laid back, blues based vibe as can be heard on their debut album 'Connection', to the current, more Rock and indie sound of today. The band has never lost its blues edge ....which Ant considers the 'soul of the band'.

The new name came from our mutual love and respect of classic Rock n Roll. The name stems from the period when the Quarry men (on their way to becoming the Beatles) temporarily named themselves Johnny and the Moon Dogs.

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