The Popravinas

Full Album show of March 27, 2020
Willy Nilly

Former Bass/Vocals (Eddy Sill) of the infamous Los Angeles band "The Mutts" has suddenly stumbled upon a few other "fellow fun-seekers" to surprisingly form this melodic and frolicking band with extremely catchy songs. Is this too good to be true?!
John Adair (Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Vocals, Producer) Dean Lyons (Guitar, Vocals) and David Rodgers (Drums) comprise "The Popravinas!" The "funnest" party you ever went to---The party after the party! That would quickly describe "The Popravinas" who are known to combine lyrics&sounds that are reminiscent of The Replacements, evolving guitar nuances in the vein of The Rolling Stones, and interesting touches of artists such as Whiskeytown, Wilco&The Old 97's. When you mix it all come out with "The Popravinas." Already known for their fun live shows...(Complete with dancing crowds).... The band has recently released their third album “Willy Nilly" which is quickly becoming an international ear-shaker....Their previous albums “California Sonic” and "Everybody's Fault But Ours" are still a popular choice. All are available at:, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. If you wanna experience a good time and hear some memorable tunes...You're in the right place!
About the Album: Twangy California Pop Rockers, The Popravinas, Release Their 3rd Album, "Willy Nilly" (2019).
Building on the gains of regional touring and an overwhelmingly well reviewed and received sophomore eort, The Popravinas (pope-rah-veen-ahs) return with nine new tracks of indie California gold.
"We really wanted to get more music out as soon as possible," explains John Adair, the band's multi-instrumentalist and producer, "to capitalize on our second albums' wide, international reach."
The band formed in the mid-2000's and until 2017 had only released one eort, Everybody's Fault But Ours (2008), which garnered some nice press and a few end of the year "best of" lists. 2017's "California Sonic" reinvigorated the band with extensive touring and considerable airplay on independent radio and online outlets around the country and around the globe.
"Some surprising places really took a strong liking to our power pop, alt-country sound." says Eddy Sill, lead singer and bassist. "Spain, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain... and now places like South Africa and Australia!"
Eddy, the group's songwriting force, touched on the success of the rst single, Soa (CMU), from the new release, "Willy Nilly." Originally commissioned as reward to a past crowdfunding campaign for touring nance, it has blossomed into the rst taste of the new record. It has already been added to stations in Alaska, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Australia, Florida, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom to name a few.
"It has really taken o in the UK, as there is a Central Manchester University," remarks John. "We like to keep the interpretation open, although Eddy does have a bit of a Pittsburgh accent if you want a hint."
The band is looking forward to plenty of stateside travel with shows already booked in California, Nevada, New York and Pennsylvania. More markets are to follow, including the United Kingdom and Spain.
As The Popravinas always say... they'll "See You At The Bar!"

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