Think Inside Me

Full Album show of March 29, 2019

In 2018 Think Inside Me was already a veteran band in the Madrid music scene with Javier García in the lead.
They have a new line-up that has given a much more forceful sound with the signing of Óscar Fernández and Rafa Saguar.
Together, with the young and talented Borja Arriola on bass, the band gives form to Javier’s diverse compositions.
They guarantee an explosive live listening experience with very heavy and powerful sounds.

Album: Think Inside Me (2018)

Think Inside Me recorded their first EP in 2018 at Westline Studios in Madrid. The songs are a great example of the different styles within the Grunge Rock genre.

Song List
Science, 3:03, Grunge Rock
Imagination, 4:16, Grunge Rock
Wild Youth, 4:22, Grunge Rock
Bombs in the School, 4:46, Grunge Rock
Where Are My Clothes, 4:00, Grunge Rock
Ignition, 4:12, Grunge Rock
Héroe, 4:34, Grunge Rock
Arkham Asylum, 2:51, Grunge Rock

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