Traces of Dawn

Featured Artist of June 14, 2020
with the song: Shout Your Praises Loud

Traces of Dawn was founded by female singer/songwriter, T Dawn. Through the years living in Ohio, Dawn has always had a passion for writing music, mostly instrumentals. It wasn’t until she moved to Southern California in 2000, where she discovered her musical roots. Then there was a devastating passing of her father and she found herself writing her first song “Metal Breakdown.” It was the success of that song that led her to write awardwinning songs such as; “Controlled By Vanity”, “It Cuts Like A Knife” and the most recent Traces of Dawn song, “Creeps” which won Best Alternative Song and nominated for the 2018 HMMA Awards.
Traces of Dawn is growing and expanding musically, incorporating different genres, fusing Dawn’s powerful haunting vocals and edgy rock style together with mystical ambient layered tones and style for all the fans to enjoy.
Currently, Traces of Dawn is in the studio writing scores for TV and movie productions and is releasing several songs for 2020.

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