Yesterdays Fate

Featured Artist of March 13, 2021
with the song: Half a Life Away

Artist's Biography

Yesterdays Fate takes listeners to a distant place within the realms of melodic pop/rock with their eclectic catalogue of melody driven songs. A prime fusion of emotive vocals, piano virtuosity, and insane guitar licks where each member gets a platform to showcase their talent and shine in the limelight, the result is a melting pot of success which is the band’s distinguishing feature as they hit fans one hook at a time. Their explosive and highly entertaining tunes are most vivid, pulsating with a vibrancy that is as uncontainable as it is memorable. It is in their individual uniqueness that their collective power and star quality is found, a great contrast to their name as their musical journey continually unfolds to their destined global reach.

Damian Pipes – Vocals
Jim Kraneveldt– Guitar
Graham White - Drums

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