Youth Chairs

Featured Artist of March 3, 2019
w/ Songs: Your Perfect World, New York Gray

Youth Chairs’ music mines many motherlodes, from British Invasion to westcoast pop to psychedelia to glam to punk to post, without sounding exactly like any of them. Amazing double female vocals mix with guitar/bass/drums, as well as the occasional keyboard, French horn, violin, harpsichord, tympani and youname-it. Fast, slow, hard, soft – variety rules; but it’s all inimitably Youth Chairs.
The band originally existed a long time ago in Los Angeles, performing and recording in near anonymity. When the members reconvened (after losing touch for many years) to discuss releasing some old demos, everyone got along so well that they decided to make some new music together. And that's exactly what they've done, recording eight new songs (so far). The new recordings feature the group's two vocalists (who originally served separate stints in the 'Chairs way back when) harmonizing together – fabulously - for the first time.

Full Album show of May 11, 2019
Album: Some Kind Of Amusement Park

# Name length
1 Hot Rod To Nowhere 03:14
2 When Amy Says 02:16
3 You Made Me Believe 04:59
4 Next Best Thing 02:48
5 Your Perfect World 03:24
6 Don't Make Me Your World 04:26
7 Paper 03:57
8 New York Gray 03:08