Featured Artist of January 6, 2022
with the song: Sunlight

Artist's Biography

Dutch drummer, composer, songwriter and producer d’Z (d’Zee) has a deep passion for groove-based tunes with challenging harmonies and positive lyrics. His collaborations with Katie Léone (former Incognito), Grammy Nominee Sandra St Victor (The Family Stand, Curtis Mayfield, Prince), among others, received a lot of positive attention.

In 2020, d’Z teamed up with his close friend Vivian Veronique to write a soulful ballad with positive vibes, called SUNLIGHT. It’s an ode to positivism. Sometimes, hearing the words "cheer up", can be extra hard when the sun feels far away. By celebrating beautiful tiny rays of sunlight you can feel a little happiness every day. Help yourself by clinging onto the little sparks of joy around you that can actually help. More rays will follow. The song builds up towards an epic, orchestral, gospel-like ending, illustrating solidarity and clarity.

Due to COVID, almost very collaborating musician recorded her/his track at home (or in church) except for the leadvocals and drums.

SUNLIGHT was released Friday, October 22nd, 2021.

FB: www.facebook.com/dzthemusic/
Insta: www.instagram.com/dzthemusic/
Spotify: http://bit.ly/dzthemusic

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