Featured Artist of June 24, 2019
with the song: Monochrome

European identity lies at the heart of singer-songwriter Micayl’s latest endeavour, the Pan-European Music Projects Association, a project aimed at bringing together artists across the continent to which Micayl is contributing as a composer, songwriter and producer. Like that identity and that of his native Germany, Micayl’s musical style is diverse, varied, a medley of influences from Miles Davis and John Coltrane to Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei, Ray Charles and Bob Dylan to FKJ and Kendrick Lamar.
Never one to be constrained by rigid, restrictive boundaries, Micayl often moves between several musical projects and social circles at once: alongside the Pan-European Music Projects Association, he is a member of the Blue Blood Collective founded by Spilt Milk Society frontman Harry Handford, as well as a session pianist and keyboard player for artists based in and around Germany and the UK.

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