Featured Artist of Oct 2, 2020
with the song: Little Bird

Artist's Biography
Following on from her debut release 'Devices' that drew attention from Stephen McAuley and Across The Line at BBC Ulster, as well as Dan Hegarty at 2FM, nicha (aka Lucy Robinson) is releasing her new single 'Little Bird' Oct 2nd.
This genre defying song mixes elements from electronica, folk and reggae to create something unique and individual. nicha describes a powerful story using poetic lyrics and addictive melodies, combined with her rich and unusual voice, Little Bird is incomparable to anything you will have heard.
The song is a call to those who are subject to mental and physical abuse in any relationship. nicha hopes to let her listeners know that you have the strength to make yourself happy, let that be through making a difficult decision in escaping a toxic relationship. nicha hopes to spread hope and awareness to all genders and whoever may be facing both mental and physical abuse. “I feel there is a taboo around talking about domestic abuse, mental and physical. Women are suffering, men are suffering, there are so many victims even in this day and age. We need to raise awareness and remind people to talk more.”
"She” wanted to break free from the chains of a toxic relationship but didn’t believe that she possessed the power. “little bird” evokes a fragile innocence and vulnerability of someone who dreams of their independence, someone who has always had the strength to set themselves free.
With her clever lyrics laced with subtle humour and soothing voice, nicha captivates and speaks to you. She writes about her own personal struggles as well as those of friends and family. In her music she talks about mental health, environmental issues and the world as it is around us. nicha aims to help people and draw awareness to current issues we face day to day in a powerful yet easy-listening way.

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