Featured Artist of December 26, 2019
with the song: Delta

We are band "tshunya" which means zero or nothing in Nepali language. Our genre is mostly grunge, blues, with Nepali folk flavor. Our influences are Radiohead, Alice In Chains, Opeth, and similar other bands. We strive to combine cultural authenticity of Nepali folk music along with the diversity and intensity of western music such as progressive rock and grunge. We put out our first video this summer and on Halloween this year we released our second one.
Our lyrical and musical direction is steered by the idea of providing depth in songs through various little nuggets of cohesive information used to give listeners many more perspectives during each of their repeated listening sessions. For instance, we have musically hidden Morse code which spelling out various words connecting both lyrical and musical elements in a separate dimension. You can find other such examples sprinkled subtly throughout both of our songs!
Sambhawana=delta(maan) [also known by Delta]: It is the nature of human mind to wander aimlessly. Emotions, confusions, questions, and answers come in like waves of various frequencies/colors merging and colliding with the bearers existence. But in the end, she who has zeroed her mind, has infinite potential. She is the source, she is infinite within.
The essence of this song is carried by the Dirac delta function, a unique mathematical function that is 0 everywhere except at 0. Therefore, if the mind is zeroed, the delta of mind, Sambhawana (meaning 'possibilities' in Nepali language), is infinite.

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