Blue Roads

Featured Artist of April 16, 2019
with the songs: Blue Roads, Take It On Home

MBR Mr Blue Roads is a lifer in Music, He has worked with the Best of names. He founded "Blue Roads" in 2012. Grown up on Pure Country learning Rock on guitar leading him to Blues.
"Hard Times" was his 1st Founded Band. Performing as the late night House Band 􀂦ve nights a week for three years.
His Career forwarded to George Jones, a Nashville Legendary King of Country Music.
The wheels were set in motion. Mr Blue Roads Toured multi years learning and living life with a Country King. Working on the Bradley Barnes Sessions cd and George Jones with Tammy Wynette on their last cd titled "ONE". He has CD credits and music awards from the Jones organization. Georges Passing in 2013 was a great loss for Country Music and felt deeply by Mr Blue Roads.
Blue Roads band thrives on Touring the USA.
Writing songs of real-life feel. MBR was told as a young man by his father " The woods are full of them".
referring to his son going into the music industry. Mr Blue Roads feels "The Best Music comes from the bottom up". He travels the Blue Roads playing hard, down Raw to the Bone.
He's a Dynamic Lefty Guitar showman, tall in stature with vocals of true southern grit. He is the"Home Grown Atlanta Music Icon" displaying what the Rich South has to offer in Country OutLaw, Southern style Rock, and Southern feel Blues.
Atlanta along with all the South is giving a New Sound with a touch of 70's still in the 􀂧avor.
Blue Roads Tours America with a great band of pro's living and loving & sharing music.

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