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Type in the searchbox above to find the artist (or band), song title, album name or the name of the person that sent it.
In the resulting table age denotes the number of days that we have the song in our database.

Orange color (yellow) text means that this song is less than 120 days old and is rotating in our "New Music" show.
Green color text means that this song is older than 120 days old and rotates in the "Open Vault Collection" show.
White color text text means that we have this song more than 2 years, rotating it in "Indie Classics - Indie shuffle" show.

Red color
text means that we treasure this song and play it occasionally.

Please note that Songs of any age with 3,4 and 5 stars can be promoted with a Donation.
 LonelyOakradio STAR SYSTEM

The Twitter account  and Artist are clickable, age and rating fields are sortable.